12 Hyper-Specific, Light-Up Makeup Mirrors For Every Type of Person


For the Person Who Does Their Makeup,Tweezes Hairs, and Pops Pimples While Standing Over The Bathroom Sink

Kedsum Flexible Gooseneck Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


$21.99 (49% off)

Rating: 4.1 stars, 609 reviews

What people are saying: “The length of the gooseneck arm is the perfect length to span the counter from your vanity mirror to your face. The mirror itself is much larger than I expected and the light is super bright but soft enough that it does not hurt your eyes and lets you see every hair that you might want to pluck. The suction device work fantastic. It is securely adhered to my vanity mirror. This is surely one of the best $21 purchases I have ever made. I highly recommend this mirror for anyone that struggles plucking those darn white hairs that are nearly invisible. And after looking at yourself at 10 x magnification, which is rather scary, when you pull away and look at yourself in the regular mirror you think you are gorgeous! Oh and also the mirror is attached to the gooseneck with a ball joint so that you can swivel the mirror in all directions which is awesome. Get this mirror, you won’t regret it.”


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