Glossier Just Launched an Eye and Lip Cream That Really Works


Is eye cream a scam? I think this to myself every time I gently dab on some during my nightly skincare routine. It feels a lot like regular ‘ol moisturizer—and sometimes I skip the step entirely in favor of applying my favorite night cream under my eyes instead. Things have always seemed to be fine. While there are definitely formulas out there targeting specific eye concerns like puffiness, bags, or dark circles, I’ve never had issues I felt warranted an entirely different product. Then, I decided to try out Glossier’s brand new eye and lip cream, Bubblewrap.

Eyes and lips? Yeah, I was confused too. I was also a little skeptical. While I’ve tried and enjoyed all of Glossier’s skincare launches, nothing’s earned a permanent spot in my routine. Bubblewrap, though, was a pleasant surprise.




I applied the formula—chock full of moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, and avocado oil—to my eyes and lips everyday (morning and night!) for one week and saw changes immediately. Under my eyes, the light but creamy texture seemingly smoothed out fine lines and absorbed into my skin quickly so I could apply concealer without pilling. On my lips, the light, slippy formula felt watery at first but dried down for a hydrating, but not sticky feel. My lips looked plumper immediately and even more juicy overnight.

What really sold me on Bubblewrap was using it on a faint, but stubborn wrinkle that goes across my forehead. I dabbed a tiny bit on the line and could not believe the way it made my lone wrinkle full-on disappear on contact. I couldn’t find it! And I was staring at myself in a magnifying mirror! Bubblewrap actually hydrated up my skin so well that the wrinkle was gone—no Botox necessary.

The only other cream I’ve found could do this was the Rodial Rose Gold Deep Line Filler, which costs $85. Glossier’s Bubblewrap is only $26. Needless to say, I’m grateful for the price because I will definitely be going through these, yes, ‘grammable but more importantly effective tubes every month.


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