How to Get Perfect Lashes, According to Makeup Artist Erin Parsons



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Even the most minimalist of makeup-wearers can agree that no face beat is complete without mascara. The right lifting, curling, and volumizing wand can make you look “done” and awake in an instant. At the same time, mascara is annoying to apply because it’s prone to issues like unwanted clumping, smudging, and running. Thankfully, Maybelline Global Makeup Artist Erin Parsons, who regularly works with Gigi Hadid, told her six golden rules for nailing mascara application. Supermodel-like lashes are yours for the taking, ahead.

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Always use a lash curler.

    “The biggest mistake people make is not curling your lashes. I think that makes such a difference. A lot of mascaras will end up dropping the lash down,” Parsons says. Her favorite curler is from Shiseido. “It’s more flat and so good, it really gets up to the eye. There’s a tip I have for curling: I always pinch a little on the front of the lashes, pinch a little in the middle, then I pinch all the way at the base because then you’ll get a curl versus a crimp.”

    Eyelash Curler



    Try out a lash comb.

    While Parsons emphasizes that lashes are all about personal preference—if you like ’em clumpy, do you!—she says, “One of the best things you can have for mascara is a metal lash comb. Your lashes will look more spaced out.”

    Folding iLashcomb



    Let one coat of mascara dry before you apply another coat.

    “First I curl the lashes, I apply a coat of mascara. I let that dry. If my lashes fall, I will re-curl and apply another coat of mascara,” Parsons explains, “Then, I comb through. I might do the process over and over again depending on how long I want the lashes.”

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    Skip lash primer.

    “I personally don’t use primer,” Parsons says of white mascara sometimes applied beforehand for a plumping effect. Instead, she relies on strong mascara formulas, like Maybelline’s new Snapscara. “One of the greatest things is that it comes off so easily,” she says of the wax-free, lightweight formula.

    Snapscara Washable Mascara



    Just apply mascara to the top lashes.

    Oftentimes when Parsons is working with a celebrity for red carpet, she’ll skip mascara on the bottom lashes entirely. “It’s more chic,” she says, “If I’m applying mascara on the bottoms, sometimes it’ll get into the concealer [under the eyes]. I might only do mascara just at the base.”


    Erin Parsons makeup on Gigi Hadid at the Oceans 8 New York premiere in June 2018.

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    Apply mascara before false lashes.

    “I only use false lashes as the extra oomph. Always make the lashes perfect then see what you need,” Parsons says, explaining that she will complete making the natural lashes look as great as possible then determine what gaps need to be filled. She typically uses individuals or half strips over full strips (“It can be a little distracting,” she reasons). Parsons adds, “When you have your natural lashes at their best, people are more like ‘Wow.'”

    Now that you’ve got all the application tips down, shop our top mascara picks below.


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