Huda Kattan’s New Moisturizer Made My Skin Glow


From the moment that I met Huda Kattan at her Dubai office last December, I knew that she just got me. (Total humble brag, I know.) So when I woke up last Friday morning, looked in the mirror and saw that my skin looked just totally blah, I twisted open a jar of the latest from Kattan’s skincare line Wishful Skincare, the Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer.

My favorite thing about the iridescent cream is that it smells so fantastically of lavender, I’m immediately calmer—which is something we all need right now.

But beyond the scent of relaxation, Kattan stayed true to her love for honey.
“When I was struggling with skin issues, I was so determined to solve my skin problems,” explains Kattan over email. “I did a ton of research on ingredients to help with inflammation and bacteria. In all my research, honey was always included in anything that I read.”

Kattan’s favorite ingredient of honey is also incorporated into her famous DIY face scrubs and treatments for fading acne scars . “I knew the powerful ingredient would work its way into my skincare line because it has played such a crucial role in my skincare journey.”

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My second favorite thing about the moisturizer is the texture. It took two years to develop and is so unique that it feels like a beauty product from the future. At first glance, it’s the lovechild of a super-thick salve and an opal. But when you smooth it on, it transforms into a slippery, hydrating jelly. And that dewy effect is two-fold: lavender-hued minerals instantly gives you glassy skin, while niacinamide, turmeric, and honey work to give you a long-term glow.

“It’s easy to fake a glow with makeup, which is my expertise, but that true, healthy skin-glow can be more challenging, especially when your skin is temperamental,” Kattan says. “This moisturizer tackles it all, leaving you glowing no matter where you are in the world, even if you are stuck indoors.”

Speaking of being stuck indoors, back to my bathroom. Post-Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer application, I realize I’m already two minutes late for a Zoom meeting. I rush out of the bathroom, with just Wishful’s new moisturizer on my face. “Woah,” my boyfriend says as I open my laptop. “What’d you just do in there? Your skin is really glowing.”

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