I Tried Insta-Popular Glitter Masks to See If They Live Up to the Hype


Unless you’ve been living under a rock without WiFi, you’ve probably scrolled through Instagram and seen a glitter mask selfie. The #instabait sensation has taken over our feeds, our stores, our faces, and, in a few cases, our hearts.

In an effort to find the best glitter face mask, I decided to put two popular options to the test. The first is the OG, tried-and-true favorite from Glamglow and a drugstore steal from E.L.F. that only costs $8. No spoilers here, but not all glitter masks are created equal.

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GlamGlow #GlitterMask Gravitymud Firming Treatment ($59)



I’m already a huge Glamglow fan so I had high expectations for this mask. The actual product size is smaller than I expected for $59 and seemed as if I would only be able to get a few uses out of it. Upon application, it went on thick and the consistency almost felt like Elmer’s glue. I built on product with the helpful applicator brush provided in hopes I would have a satisfying peel-away Insta moment on my hands. The mask hardened quickly and after the 20 to 30 minute setting time, I was ready. With a set of practiced poses, I was ready to create the Instagrammable content of my dreams.

I would give this mask eight glittery stars (out of ten glittery stars) for its ‘grammable quality. The glitter is a full shimmer with actual stars—my face looked like a table at a high school graduation party. While my selfies were not as good as the professionals or the ads (shocker!), it did perform as promised and created a picture-perfect moment. I even added in a prop my boyfriend.


Chloe Hall

The peel-off part was also a very important step. Make sure—MAKE SURE—you don’t get any eyebrow hair in the goop as you will lose it. The mask is very strong and my extraction made me lose a few brow hairs. That’s more of a me problem, but you’ve been warned.

Now, for the most important part: My skin felt great. I’m currently addicted to this mask. I love the feeling of it ripping all the impurities and dirt from my skin. Sometimes you just need that extra clean, scrubbed-up feeling that this mask provides in spades. I noticed a difference in my skin after just one try and with continual use several times a month, I’ve seen more benefits. My skin does feel firmer and my pores are noticeably less visible thanks to ingredients like licorice and marshmallow that work to plump, brighten, and tighten the skin.

E.L.F. Pore Clearing Glitter Peel Off Mask ($8)


Online Only Pore Clearing Glitter Peel Off Mask

e.l.f. Cosmetics

My next dive into glitter face masks was from E.L.F. Although it’s advertised as a charcoal, hazel, and lavender mask, I was just sensing charcoal. It was very, very thick. If Glamglow’s was Elmer’s glue, this was superglue. I built the product around my face but was nervous to apply even a little on my brows in fear of losing them.

After very careful placement, I waited 30 minutes for the mask to harden. I was hopeful that the glitter would come through more after drying, but I was wrong. The mask is black with a bit of sparkle, but not much. It’s easier to see the glitter in person, but with the flash of a camera, it can easily be missed. Needless to say, my selfies were not all that exciting to the people following along on Instagram.

The removal was uncomfortable—I felt like I put tape on my face instead of a mask. Even after removal, my skin continued to feel irritated for a full hour after. Also, unlike the Glamglow, mask removal was quite tricky. It took a few tries before I could fully remove the mask in several tattered pieces. I wasn’t compelled to give the mask another try.

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Final Thoughts

Live a little and invest in a quality mask. Don’t just do it for the selfie, do it for your skin. Maybe use a glitter filter or two to really up its photogenic effect. I was sold on Glamglow’s product because it really improved my skin—and the glitter was just an added treat.

Here are a few more glitter mask options on the market.


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