Oh Hey, Kim Kardashian Has Neon Slime-Green Hair Now


Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 30, 2018

Getty ImagesBG017/Bauer-Griffin

Kim Kardashian, who pretty regularly switches up her look with the help or wigs and/or extensions, stepped out last night in Miami with neon green hair.

Kim Kardashian

Splash News

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Splash News

InStyle compared the look to Nickelodeon’s slime, which isn’t too far off.

Rest assured, it’s not a real dye job. Kardashian confirmed on her Instagram this morning that she was just wearing a wig, and this won’t be a future permanent change either. “The neon wig last night made me realize I really love my dark hair,” she wrote two hours ago. “So posting it three times!” Okay, Kim.


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