Ouai’s New After Sun Body Foam Completely Reversed Redness from My Sunburn


I don’t know if you’ve ever had the unique pleasure of getting a sunburn on your kneecaps, but it is truly the work of Satan. Recently, I forgot to reapply SPF on vacation while taking a catamaran ride around the Greek Islands (I know, poor me) and suffered an egregious burn.

I tried aloe. I tried wrapping a cool washcloth around my knees, but nothing soothed the sensation that my skin was itchy and on fire. Days later when I got back to the States, skin still suffering, I got my hands on the new Ouai After Sun Body Soother I figured welp, if this doesn’t work, at least it will look pretty on my vanity.

Much to my surprise, the foamy formulation soothed my screaming skin on contact. Instantly! When you lather the foam onto your skin it makes a crackling sound—like pop rocks or oil sizzling in a frying pan. That sounds like an unpleasant, but it feels so, so good. It’s like having crackling ice melt into your skin. It’s actually so cold on contact that it gave me goosebumps, but the pain from my sunburn went away immediately. And one hour later, any trace of redness completely vanished (plus, my body and bathroom smelled like a frozen piña colada).



So far I’ve only used the product on sunburned skin, but the formulation’s aloe leaf juice and cucumber extract can also be used to soothe skin and infuse moisture after sun exposure (even when you don’t burn), to cool down while you’re sun bathing, or even to refresh after a steamy workout. And I know I don’t have to say this, but After Sun Body Soother is not a sunscreen and it doesn’t replace medical care if you have a serious burn.

BTW, If you aren’t familiar with Ouai, it’s the love child of Kardashian hair guru Jen Atkin. Ouai was born as a hair brand, so the After Sun Body Soother is the brand’s very first body-only product (joining three hybrid products: the Scalp & Body Scrub, the Rose Hair & Body Oil, and the Hair & Body Shine Mist).


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