The 16 Best Foot Peels To Get in Tip Toe Shape For Sandal Weather

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I’m all about self-love, right up until you move south of my ankles. You’ll never catch me in sandals, or open-toed shoes of any kind, because I. Don’t. Like. Feet. The reason why? Bumpy callouses, dry patches, the way they look wrinkly and weird. But in 90 degree heat, wearing sneakers every day can’t be done. The only thing worse than dry, calloused feet is sweaty, dry, calloused feet. But the only way you’ll catch me bearing my toes to the world is if, one to two weeks prior to their escape, I douse them in exfoliating liquid to that years of damage peel off, like a snake shedding its old, gross skin.

Even if you don’t have a foot phobia like me, odds are your toes need some care and attention. Just from the day-to-day wear and tear, our feet go through a lot, and they need products just like the rest of our bodies do. The below 16 foot masks do it all: They exfoliate dead skin, intensely hydrate away that awful dry feeling, and they prep your toes for anything you can throw at it. And once you’re done giving them the royal treatment? A 10/10 score on Wikifeet, guaranteed.

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Original Foot Peel Exfoliator

Baby Foot


$25.00 (17% off)

This delightful mask will make your feet shed like a snake, revealing baby soft skin. 


Ultra Hydrating Foot Peel Mask

Dr. Scholl’s


Slip on these booties for an ultra hydrating experience that will make your feet so beautiful you might even show them in the daylight.


Reboot Revitalizing Foot Peel

Barefoot Scientist


For sensitive feet that still want a revamp, these booties gently exfoliate but still get you that satisfying shedding skin.


Clean Foot Mask

Sephora Collection


Give your toes some loving with this mask that hydrates, soothes, and gives your feet some intense T.L.C.


Foot Peel Mask



Get rid of all that nasty dead skin that accumulates on your soles with these masking booties that will remove years of built-up skin.


PoshPeel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Mask Treatment



For the ultimate summer pedicure, use this peel mask to revive your soles and reveal smooth, soft feet.


Fruit Acid Smoothing Foot Peel



It’s sandal weather, so give your feet a makeover with these exfoliating feet masks.


Watermelon & Citrus Foot Peel

Oh K!


These foot peel masks smell like summer, and get your toes ready for warm weather by encouraging your feet to shed dead skin.


Repairing CICA Moisturizing Foot Mask with Oat



Pour yourself a glass of wine and slip on these foot masks for a night of self-care, head to toe.


Foot Peel Mask



Get rid of annoying callouses with these foot peels that will let you play sock-less footsy for the first time in your life.


Soft & Smooth Gentle Peeling Foot Mask

Earth Therapeutics


Leave on these masks for up to 90 minutes and revel in your newborn toes.


Foot Peel Mask



Once these peels have done their magic you’ll wonder how you managed to have that much dead skin on your feet all this time.


Foot Peeling Shoes



To cure scaly feet, these moisturizing booties will get you back the feet you had before you discovered high heels.


Thirsty Feet Deep Moisture Foot Mask



Toes can be thirsty too! Quench them with these hydrating masks.


Foot Peel Mask



Get the best pedicure of your life with these peel masks that reverse your toe’s age by at least a few years.


Avo Good Day Nourishing and Hydrating Foot Mask

Holler and Glow


You deep condition your hair, so give your feet the same lovin’. These masks will get them to their best shape so you can walk around barefoot every single day.

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