The Best Eyelash Glue According to Desi Perkins, Jackie Aina and More Beauty Influencers


Nothing transforms your face like putting on a set of false eyelashes. While they add instant glamour, they can be tricky to apply. One thing you need to get right from the start is having reliable eyelash glue. Anybody who’s worn falsies knows the dread of realizing they’re peeling off your lids in the middle of the day. You haven’t known embarrassment until you’ve had to excuse yourself mid-dinner date then emerged from the ladies’ room with bald eyes because one of your strips wasn’t cooperating. Luckily you won’t have to worry about that with these top picks we scoured from YouTube’s finest beauty vloggers (who practically wear false lashes for a living). Shop them, ahead.

Kiss Lash Couture Lash Adhesive in Black


Jackie Aina says she’s a fan of this latex-free glue because other glues she’s used in the past have made her eyes itch. In a video, she continues, “This is the blackest lash adhesive I’ve ever come across, usually the other ones are a dark grey but this almost looks like a black liner.” You won’t have to worry about glue being obvious over your eye makeup.

House of Lashes Lash Adhesive


Desi Perkins is a fan of this glue formula from House of Lashes. On YouTube, she demonstrates applying a small dollop of glue to a piece of cardboard while customizing her strip falsies with individuals, ”I like the glue to get a little bit tacky because it sticks easier to the individual lashes,” she says.

Ardell Lash Grip Dark Adhesive For Strip Lashes


Ardell LashGrip is a favorite of Nikkia Joy, who says it works for her sensitive eyes. ”Dark glues are really good if you’ve got really thick liners and don’t want to see any glue over the top,” she explains in her how-to.

Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Clear


NikkieTutorials swears by this classic drugstore favorite. In a tutorial she divulges one of her tips: ”My little trick is before you do mascara…Just give it time to become tacky.”

Duo Brush-On Adhesive in Black


Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (who also has a wildly popular YouTube channel) also loves Duo, and suggested both the clear and black formulas. “I like this brand just because it is surgical glue and it is great for sensitive eyes and I obviously work with lots of different people. It’s waterproof and I find that it stays on very, very well,” she says in a video. If you’re not a fan of the tube, the glue comes in a version with a brush applicator, too. 

Salon Pro 30 Second Hair Bond Glue


When it comes to falsies, there’s no better expert than a drag queen. RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Eureka reveals in a video that she uses a wig-bonding glue(!) instead of typical eyelash glue for a strong hold. She applies it by using the end of a tweezer to coat the strip. If it can handle her performances through sweating under hot lights, it can handle anything.


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