The Best Face Wipes For When You’re Too Lazy To Wash Your Face


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A dramatic face splashing at the sink might be all the rage in television ads, but in real life, the instant gratification of using a face wipe is unrivaled. Our editors substitute them for washing their face (while pretending they did), pack ’em while traveling, and our style director uses them while “training for a 200 mile relay race.” But, even if you don’t adhere to a hyperactive lifestyle, who doesn’t love a quick fix to sweaty solutions? Shop’s selects ahead, most just a click away on Amazon.

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Face & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes



$7.12 (21% off)

“For me it boils down to this: If Cerave makes face washes, body lotions, vegetables, panty hose—literally ANYTHING, I’ll buy it. They’re my trust-worthy, dermatologist-approved drugstore brand that I use religiously. Most face wipes tend to be grating on my sensitive skin, but CeraVe wipes can remove a day’s worth of gunk without irritation.” — Justine Carreon, Market Editor

Cucumbers Facial Wipes

Yes To


“I’m in the process of training for a 200 mile relay race (and frankly I’m pretty lazy in general when it comes to my beauty routine) so I run through a pack of Yes To face wipes faster than I’d care to admit. They’re soft, smell good, and really great at getting the job done. If a box full of them ever landed on my desk I’m pretty sure I’d ugly-cry I’d be so happy.” — Nikki Ogunnaike, Style Director

Gentle Glow Facial Cleansing Cloths



“With the amount of testing, swatching, and applying beauty products I do daily, I go through makeup wipes the way people go through toilet paper. Fast. I’ve tried them all and keep going back to these wipes from Ogee, which immediately take off even the toughest liquid lipsticks and don’t strip skin thanks to its jojoba seed oil. It is certified organic, so even sensitive skin like mine can use it with abandon.” ― Kristina Rodulfo, Senior Beauty Editor

Micellar Water Towelettes

Burt’s Bees


“I’m a pretty strict face-washer so I don’t use wipes in my daily routine, but I always like to throw a pack in my carry-on when I fly—nothing is a more instant skin destroyer than the germfest that is an airplane. I love these because they remove my makeup, my gross skin dirts and oils, and hydrate my skin. I can feel less disgusting while I wait hours for my luggage.” — Chloe Hall, Special Projects Editor and Producer  

Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes



“My fragile skin can only go through so much, so I like the fact that these wipes remove all my makeup without leaving my skin tight, tingling sensation I’ve experienced with other brands. Made with purified water and micelles, these wipes keep skin hydrated and refreshed.” — Nerisha Penrose, Associate Editor 

Vitamin C Brightening Glow Micellar Wipes

Derma E


“Sleeping with makeup on? I don’t know her. After a long night out (or whenever I feel lazy, honestly) these face wipes get the job done and leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Plus, they’ve got Vitamin C for a glowier complexion.” — Ariana Yaptangco, Social Media Editor 

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