This Silk Pillowcase Would Make Sleeping Beauty Want To Go Back To Bed


"Silver and Gold", oil painting by W. R. Flint

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I love to sleep. A lot. I’ve written about it to the point of no return and if you ever happen to bump into me on the street, I’m sure I will update you on whether I’m sleeping or not, and the latest ritual I’ve added to my nightly routine.

Until recently, I’ve essentially been sleeping on and under a rock. I was gifted a silk pillowcase by a friend and now I’m a completely different person. My taxes are done (this is true but unrelated), my skin is cleared, and my hair has never been shinier.

Please let me tell you about my best friend, the Slip silk pillowcase. From the good people that brought us the silk eye mask comes this dream product. Available in only the standard queen size (for now) and made from the highest grade mulberry silk, it is my everything right now. For those wondering what in the world mulberry silk is, it’s the highest quality of silk you can buy. One would say, it’s fit for a queen (-sized pillow).

Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

Slip for Beauty Sleep


Silk pillowcases are nothing new. They’ve been around for a long time and boast to and has properties including natural resistance to dust, fungus, mold, and other allergens. Not only am I feeling better, but I’m also looking better. Here’s how.

Let’s talk about my hair….

My hairstylist has been telling me to wear a silk scarf, bonnet, or something (anything!) for years, and yet year after year I let her down. Right after my appointment, I’ll try to live the dedicated hair scarf lifestyle and join the millions of women of color across the country who are on the right side of hair history. My silk pillowcase is the perfect step in the right direction. Not only does the silk prevent kinks from forming and tame flyaways, but the silk has cooling properties for the hot summer nights about to come.

Overall my hair looks shiny and feels so much better.

Let’s talk about my skin…

I have sensitive skin and can break out very easily. If I hold the phone too close to my head, I suddenly break out. Blame my bi-weekly sheet-washing habits or my skincare routine not doing its job, but the real culprit is my old (and busted) cotton pillows. With silk pillows, I never have to worry about the cotton soaking up my skin’s moisture and in turn breaking me out. I don’t wake up with weird lines or wrinkles because of my nightly movement habits, and it’s helped reduce redness in my skin the most. I’m prone to redness and irritation, but silk is the lightweight option that doesn’t rub and tug at my poor pores as I sleep.

Let’s talk about my sleep….

All of my favorite romantic comedies and princess movies somehow involve a silk pillowcase. 13 Going on 30? Silk pillowcases! Sleeping Beauty? It must have been silk if homegirl could sleep that long. Something about the luxurious fabric makes me drift away and start really thinking I’m a queen and not just in a queen-sized bed. I also get really hot when I sleep, and the silk prevents me from sweating too much. You know the saying, “You’re cool, like the other side of a pillow”? It should be updated to: “You’re cool as a silk pillow.”

You can shop my specific Silk Pillowcase above but here are a few cases below that all the opinionated Amazon users love.


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