Why Tracee Ellis Ross Swears By These “Blue Balls” for a ”Tight Chin”


Rarely do you hear the statement “I want blue balls!” uttered in the ELLE.com offices, but leave it to Tracee Ellis Ross to get our team going. The beautiful, ageless, funny, talented, smart, wonderful, (we could go on…), actress debuted a cool new beauty tool on her Instagram she fittingly named The Blue Balls™.

Entranced by the orbs, we asked the professionals what Ross was doing with these magical tools besides as she described, “getting a tight, tight chin.”

Dr. Manish Shah, an anti-aging expert and board-certified plastic surgeon and Marta Camkiran, an esthetician at Haven Spa, broke down everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Ross’ blue balls and why you need add them to your Amazon cart today.

So, what are these “blue balls”?

“The globes used by Ross are made of Pyrex glass which is a low-thermal-expansion material that is resilient to thermal shock,” explains Dr. Shah. “The liquid solution inside the transparent globe is anti-freeze, meaning that it has a lower freezing temperature than water and can dissipate heat for longer.”

The “blue balls” are simply a cooling tool on the skin that is meant to be stored in the freezer before use and then apply to the face. Also, they aren’t actually called blue balls, but rather the Allegra Magic Globes.

What can “blue balls” do for you?

Applying a cold surface to the skin can help the epidermis (the first layer of the skin) tighten, shrink pores, and soothe skin after procedures like chemical peels, waxing, and microdermabrasion. Both Shah and Camkrihan mention that the chilled globes are great for relieving redness and calming inflammation.

The blue balls also claim to help with migraine pain, but Dr. Shah is skeptical. “Aside from the temporary aid of a cold material, any aid that these orbs could give in relieving migraines would be temporary and not as effective as medication or other FDA-approved treatments for that condition,” explains Dr. Shah.

How do you use “the balls”?

Start by storing them in the freezer and applying the cool orbs to your face in a rolling motion. Next, massage the chilled globes in a circular motion around the face.

Here’s the Ross showing you how it’s done:

Dr. Shah’s “blue balls” DIY hack:

If you don’t want to order the globes online, a DIY hack exists. “The effects described for the Allegra Magic Globes can also be achieved using ice wrapped in a washcloth and relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes,” explains Dr. Shah.

If doing it yourself isn’t for you, shop the Allegra Magic Globes below:

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