Winnie Harlow May or May Not be Starting a Beauty Line


Get past two security lines and a crush of Gucci-clad girls, and you’ll arrive at L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët, a days-long oceanside party thrown by the champagne brand and hosted—at least for a night—by Winnie Harlow.

Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Teyana Taylor, the 24-year-old model has touched down in Miami Beach for the Art Basel fair, along with its endless parties and #sponcon moments.

Case in point: tonight, Harlow is the guest DJ for Perrier-Jouët’s wall-to-wall model party, donning gem encrusted headphones and gamely posing with popping bottles.

Is luxury champagne a big enough bribe for celebrity secrets? Let’s see…

Winnie Harlow

Getty ImagesAaron Davidson

So you’re the DJ tonight?

I mean, kind of? I think I’m just ‘curating’ the music tonight…

Do you have another creative job you’d like to do?

I’m really into makeup—doing makeup, testing makeup, creating makeup. I really love beauty products; I always have. I have something in the works right now, actually, but I can’t talk about it yet.

Can you talk about your most important beauty products?

The two things I won’t leave the house without are my eyebrows done and lip gloss. Actually, lip gloss was my first love—greasy, buttery, sparkly lips. That was my entry into beauty.

Does champagne count as a beauty product?

Well, it’s beautiful! I drink mine ice cold… I love rosé but I also love brut, so I could do either one. I was a champagne fan before I started modeling—it’s always been a favorite drink.

Winnie Harlow Victoria's Secret

Getty Images

It’s been a month since the Victoria’s Secret show filmed, and a week since it aired. Now that you’ve had some time to process, how do you feel about it?

It still feels surreal. It aired last weekend, and we had the viewing party in New York… Watching myself on TV, it felt the exact same way as when we filmed it—just so excited, so in awe of everything.

When you see pictures of yourself on the runway, are you a perfectionist, or just really happy?

I mean, you can always do better; there’s always room for improvement. But I was really proud of my walk and I feel like I did a really good job.

Would you want to walk next year?

Who wouldn’t?! Everything was worth it. I’m even looking at pictures of me a few weeks back—it was a month ago when we walked—and I’m like, “Oh, wow, I really need to go back to the gym.” I haven’t been since before the show, and I’m honestly kind of over it. I’ve been eating pasta, ordering cupcakes, everything.

You’re a Leo, but your birthday is in July, so kind of on the cusp. Do you feel 100% lioness?

I’m definitely a full-blown Leo but I’m a Cancer rising. That’s why I’m so emotional. So I’m really honest because of my Leo traits, but then I’m also very sensitive because of my Cancer traits. And that’s a lot. [Laughing] Those two things together can be hard!

Winnie Harlow Hailey Baldwin

Getty Images

We’re drinking, so I’m just going to ask: what are you wearing to your friend Hailey Baldwin’s wedding?

Oh man. Uh… what do I say here? No comment! [Laughing]

Well then, I guess you can’t tell us what you want Hailey to wear to her wedding…

Uh, I already know what she’s wearing! But I can’t say anything!


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