Instagram Launches New ‘All Caught Up’ Feature to Curb Your Rabid Addiction


It’s easywhen you’re checking your socials pre-coffee in the wee hours of the morningto feel a sense of déjà vu; are you lost in some sort of Groundhog Day-hellscape, or have you seen this photo before?

Since switching from a chronological algorithm to an algorithm based on the users you interact with the most, Instagram-users have been, um, confused (and scrolling endlessly through stale posts). That confusion could be coming to an end, thanks to Instagram’s newest feature. On Monday, the brand introduced “You’re All Caught Up,” which aims to put an end to mindless scrolling. Users will start to see the featurewhich notifies users when they’ve reached the “end” of their feedincorporated into their feeds today.

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An encircled green checkmark lets the user know they’ve seen everything new posted that day, while previously viewed posts (as well as posts that are more than two days old) will appear below the You’re All Caught Up message. The new feature appears to be part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s endorsement of Time Well Spent, a nonprofit organization that’s making an effort to dilute the “digital attention crisis” brought on by social media.


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