Justin Bieber Reportedly ‘Dreams’ of Being a Dad Now But Is Leaving the Timing ‘Up to God’


A second report this week detailing how very much Justin Bieber wants to be a father has come out in People. Previously, Entertainment Tonight reported that a source told them that Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin had “talked about kids, and it’s a priority to them,” but Bieber being in a good mental state was one of several prerequisites before they’d start a family.

People is now saying that the Biebs feels ready for parenthood. “Right now, he’s ready to be a dad,” a source close to Bieber told the outlet. “That’s what he wants to be. He knows that he has to get things figured out so that he can be the dad he wants to be. But that’s his focus. Being a dad is his dream right now.”

The source gushed about what great parents Bieber and Baldwin would be and said that they are both into the idea of having kids. “They love the idea of becoming parents,” the Bieber source said. “He’s going to be a great dad, and she’s going to be a wonderful mom. She’s really got her head on straight, and Justin has a new sense of clarity and purpose. They’re going to thrive as parents, when the time comes.”

They’re leaving that timing up to divine will, the source added. “They both believe that if it happens, it was God’s will,” the source said. “They’re leaving the timing up to God.”

But Baldwin, in interviews the past six months, has made it clear that God’s timing probably isn’t in the immediate future. She told Vogue and Vogue Arabia that she doesn’t plan on having babies “anytime soon” and that they’d wait “at least a couple of years.” She is only 22.

She discussed taking birth control with Refinery29 where she told them that she’d currently rather have acne than a baby.

“Over the last few months, I’ve been on birth control, which I’ve never done before, and that threw off my hormones for sure and made my skin go off,” she told the outlet in February. I was getting little tiny things here and there, and they just hurt. It was like, how do these hurt so bad? I talked about it with my doctor and came to find it’s because the hormones from the birth control mess with your natural balance. You just have to be patient, let it happen, and let it even out. For me, I’d take that over having a baby right now, so…”


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