Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Are Officially a Thing


At the start of June, Kendall Jenner was in a summer love triangle, going on Beverly Hills dates with NBA player Ben Simmons and also making out in New York City night with Gigi Hadid’s younger brother Anwar Hadid. She was casually dating both, but as the month went on, Simmons emerged as Jenner’s number one.

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It’s July now, and Simmons and Jenner are going so strong, Us Weekly reports they are exclusive now.

“They are pretty inseparable at the moment and are still going really strong,” a source told the outlet. Jenner and Simmons “are dating and exclusive, though not ‘official.’”

People last week echoed Us Weekly‘s report. Things are getting more intense between the two but not like, living-together intense despite TMZ’s report last week that they’re renting a $25k-a-month home in Los Angeles together. “Ben is renting the house,” a source clarified to People. “Kendall is not on the lease. It’s a gorgeous house, so it makes sense that she wants to stay over as much as possible….They do seem a bit more serious.”

TMZ, meanwhile, reports that the two are looking for a bigger Beverly Hills house to rent together now. One was $55,000 a month with the most spectacular view of the city. At the start of the summer, a source told People that Jenner was into the idea of spending her summer unattached. “She doesn’t want a serious relationship and is just enjoying being single,” the source said. “She feels that whenever she has been serious about guys in the past, it’s kind of a mess and doesn’t work out. She invested time in the relationship with Blake Griffin. She isn’t planning on doing the same right now.”


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