Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Really Are Dating, But Reportedly Aren’t ‘Official’ on Purpose


After a couple weeks of Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons being seen out together and looking coupley, E! finally published a detailed report on what’s actually going on between them. Are Jenner and Simmons on? Yes, but not with any label. The two “have been making more of an effort in their relationship recently, and have been seeing each other regularly for the last month now,” a source told the outlet. “They both are very busy with their careers, but have always been in touch.”

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Simmons has been lucky enough to be “keeping her attention,” the source added. “They try not to put stress or pressure on the relationship, but Kendall isn’t actively seeing anyone else right now.” (Too bad for her fashion week hickey buddy Anwar Hadid.)

But despite her dating Simmons exclusively, she does not consider him to be her boyfriend—more because of distance and their careers right now than anything else. Simmons is an NBA player for the ’76ers, so he’s based in Philadelphia during his basketball season and also travels for games. Jenner is a model who frequently flies around the world for assignments; when she’s not doing that, she’s based on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles.

Thus, “there’s nothing official between Ben and Kendall,” a second source said. “They hang out and really like each other but they aren’t going to label it or take it a step further because their careers come first. They talk all the time and will continue to see each other when they can.”

And Jenner’s okay with this arrangement. “Kendall isn’t thinking too much about it,” the source said. “She knows it’s going to be like this for now and she’s happy with it.”


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