Let Doja Cat’s Viral Video Moooove You Into a Weekend Vibe


All hail our new queen, Doja Cat, a 22-year-old singer and YouTuber who released the absurdist weed bop this summer has been begging for.

We are living in nonsensical times and we need a nonsensical soundtrack. Enter Doja Cat. Now, one might say that Ariana Grande’s slick, sultry Sweetener jams were also weed bops, the kind of music that best comes from and compliments a blissful altered state. And that’s true. But Doja Cat is putting out music that can only be described as high AF.

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YouTubeDoja Cat

In the two weeks since her song “I’m a Cow” premiered on YouTube it’s wracked up almost five million views and legions of fans. And it’s easy to see why. The song is simple, aggressively low-tech, and silly. It’ll get stuck in your head but not in an annoying way like a commercial jingle. Instead, it’ll just sort of wander around your brain for a while and then take a nap.

Because the song is such a chill confection, I thought the best thing to do would be to hyper-analyze it frame by frame. And then take a nap.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of a lowbrow-brilliant work of art.

Cognitive dissonance

“Bitch, I’m a cow,” Doja Cat sings over and over again. At one point, she adds “I am not a cat; I don’t say meow.” I don’t want to sound alarmist, but the word cat is actually in her name. Which is it Ms. Cat? Are you a cat? Are you a cow? Is this a transformation video? Are you doing a reveal?

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This burger

This burger looks hella good. Is that a brioche bun? I’m shewk. Does anyone have any information about where Ms. Cat got this burger from?

This earnest look

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After the intro to the song, the music cuts out and Doja Cat zooms in from the bottom right corner with two french fries in her nose, staring pensively into the camera. It’s like a shot composed by Barry Jenkins after six shots of tequila. Perfection.



Doja Cat presents Moooonlight.

Workout goals

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Running slowly while eating fries is basically ideal fitness scenario. This video is my new life coach.


This “Moo” completely ends me. Maureen from Rent could never. She’s so committed to this thing that makes absolutely no sense and technically that’s the only qualification one currently needs to be president, so mooove her directly into the West Wing. And the little head shake at the end. I am deceased.

The random cursor

Suddenly a cursor appears near her waist and hangs out for a second. Creating something so purposefully sloppy is an art form and this belongs in the Louvre.

Slant rhymes

A sample:

You a calf, bitch
You my daughter
I ain’t bothered
Get slaughtered
Got the methane
I’m a farter
With my farmer

Shakespeare was found dead in a ditch.

Uh, this

“I ain’t a moose, bitch/ get out my hay/ get out my hay”

Do I know what this means? No. Do I want it on a cross-stitched throw pillow? Obviously yes.

Thank you, Doja Cat. You’re udderly fantastic.


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