Miley Cyrus Used This Hannah Montana Clip to Show Her Mindset During Self-Quarantine


According to her Instagram, yesterday Miley Cyrus was on day two of her self-quarantine. Also according to her Instagram, she’s been very dedicated to keeping her space clean. On Saturday, Cyrus shared a clip from her old Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana, in which her character, Hannah Stewart, is cleaning the bathroom while wearing a face mask.

Day 2 Quarantine. This is the REAL ME. RIGHT NOW. 😷🛀,” she wrote on her post.

Cyrus’s boyfriend, Australian musician and model Cody Simpson, commented on her post to confirm that his girlfriend, has indeed, been very dedicated to her cleaning routine in her home. “She isn’t lying,” he wrote.

Cyrus seems to be leaning into nostalgia for Hannah Montana. In her Instagram story, she shared this photo of Hannah Montana hand sanitizer with the caption: “The only hand sanitizer that will defeat the coronavirus.”

She’s also been sharing other clips and Hannah Montana moments on her grid. Here’s one that promotes social distancing with the quote, “Did you see that? The new guy touched me. Didn’t anybody tell him?”

Here’s a clip where Hannah’s friends Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchell Musso) help Hannah carry what looks like the contents of someone’s entire storage unit. Cyrus included this serious message about not hoarding resources:

“Be thoughtful. Respectful. Compassionate. HUMAN. while preparing for social distancing….NO ONE needs every soup in the store, The more we hoard the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials. This is a great time to practice restraint…it’s incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while panicking , but think twice before following the fear and being inconsiderate. There is enough to go around if we take care of one another. This is a beautiful time to LEAD!”


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