Miss USA Ridiculed Miss Vietnam for Not Speaking English


Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers has come under fire after a video of her mocking Miss Universe contestants who don’t speak English surfaced online.

According to E!, Summers was joined by Miss Colombia Valeria Morales and Miss Australia Francesca Hung during an Instagram Live where they discussed the pageant competition. Summers brought particular attention to Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat and Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie, who are not fluent in English.

“What do you think of Miss Vietnam Nie?” Summers asks in the video. “She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes [nods and smiles],” she says laughing. “She’s adorable.” Morales asks her, “how?” and Summers does the imitation again.

Later in the video, Summers brings up Sinat and makes more narrow-minded comments. “Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language. Can you imagine?”

Can I imagine a contestant not speaking English at the Miss Universe pageant? Um, yeah, I actually can.

Sinat’s non-English speaking seems to be a pressing topic for Summers, who admits to gossiping about it in the video.”Francesca said that would be so isolating [for Sinat] and I said yes and just confusing all the time.” Confusing for who, exactly? Summers didn’t say.

She ends her comments with a pitying, “Poor Cambodia.”

The footage went viral with many expressing their disappointment on social media. Some pointed out that the pageant is an international competition, while others accused Summers of being xenophobic. Miss USA’s comments also come on the heels of Trump announcing his plans to deport Vietnam war refugees.


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