Paris Hilton Already Regrets Calling Lindsay Lohan ‘Beyond, Lame, and Embarrassing’


It’s only been a couple of hours since Paris Hilton went viral for telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the three nice things she’d say about her frenemy Lindsay Lohan are that “she’s beyond, lame, and embarrassing.” And already, Hilton wishes she hadn’t said anything.

Hilton was on SiriusXM’s Jenny McCarthy show when she was asked about her deciding to talk about Lohan during Cohen’s Plead the Fifth game. Hilton purposely answered every question Cohen threw at her, and she really honestly struggled with the Lohan one.

“My sister told me, she’s like, ‘You have to answer all of them. It’s so lame when people plead the fifth,'” Hilton started. She then addressed whether she cares if Lohan responds to the comments she made. “You know, I was really nervous to go on the show because it was my first time on that show, and I didn’t know what to expect,” Hilton said. “I didn’t know what he [Cohen] was going to ask. And I just, at that moment, I didn’t even know—he was was like, say three nice things, I didn’t know what to say. And I feel bad now ‘cause like, whatever. It’s beyond. I really, I didn’t know what to say, but then I talked to my mom last night after and she taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Yeah, [I would have had to plead the fifth on that one].” When asked whether she’d write a song about Lohan, Hilton came back with a no. “I wouldn’t even write a song about her. It’s beyond.”


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