Queer Eye to Return, Honey Bees Get Rescued & Other Good Things This Week


With each week, it becomes a little harder to see the light at the end of this winding, impossibly long tunnel we’re living through. But that doesn’t mean that bright spots aren’t peeking through this shadowy time. Consider this your safe space, where Netflix news and moments dogs were better than the rest of us are regular occurrences. Whether you’re in desperate need of a laugh, cry, or reminder of what day it is (it’s Friday, by the way), look no further than your weekly dose of the good stuff.


Queer Eye Returns Next Month

Pencil in a cathartic cry for June 5, when season 5 of Queer Eye premieres on Netflix. The Fab Five is packing up their emotional tool-kits and heading to Philadelphia to make over a host of heroes in the area. Can we just say how much we’ve missed Tan’s french tucks and Antoni’s guacamole?


Algae Causes The Ocean In California To Glow

The crashing waves in Southern California are glowing after the sun sets. This week, residents took to social media to showcase the neon-hued shore, caused by colonies of algae that bloomed in March along the coast, The Independent reports. The outlet breaks down the chemical reasoning behind the color, but the important thing to note is that the bright tides do not produce any poisonous toxins. Instead, the algae provides a vital food source for fish and other mammals during this time.


Mother-Son Rescue Dogs Are Adopted Together

In the story that won Mother’s Day, People reported on a pair of mother-son rescue dogs who were adopted together. Washington, D.C.-based rescue organization Homeward Trails shared the story of Queen and Freddy—canines that had been in the shelter together for eight months. Well, the duo found a home just in time for the holiday, the organization announced on Instagram. Their new family is a couple in Northern Virginia who recently lost their dog after nearly 13 years and were searching for new furry companions.


A Wedding at a Drive-In Movie Theater

As wedding plans are altered all over the world, couples are getting creative with their nuptials. Bri and Lindsey Leaverton were forced to change plans for their wedding, originally scheduled for April 10, and instead got hitched at a drive-in movie theater, complete with drive-by parade from their friends and family. BuzzFeed spoke to the Austin-based newlyweds about their unconventional ceremony this week. “It was above and beyond anything we could’ve dreamed of,” Lindsey told the outlet. ”I’m so glad it happened the way it did. Our whole theme has been: We’re making some really tasty lemonade out of some really rotten lemons.”


Honey Bees Catch A Much-Needed Break

Though murder hornets dominated the news cycle, CNN reported something positive about the bee community involving one of their own employees. George Montgomery discovered a buzzing sound coming from his ceiling after moving into his Georgia home. Once he realized the noise belonged to bees, he waited three months, worried that jostling the beehive would be too expensive. When he finally called Georgia Bee Removal, employee Bobby Chaisson was able to extract approximately 100,000 bees from the colony. Chaisson told the outlet that an average-sized colony houses about 10,000 to 80,000 bees. Due to his handiwork, the bee catcher was able to remove about 60 pounds of honeycomb, which was melted into wax and donated to a local craftsperson. The bees are now occupying a new hive in North Georgia near Chaisson’s property.


New York Hospital Workers Are Given Free Vacations

More than 4,000 healthcare workers at New York City’s Elmhurst Hospital were surprised with a free vacation, courtesy of American Airlines and Hyatt Hotels this week. Elmhurst is one of the most impacted hospitals in the country and its staff members will receive priority roundtrip flights and hotel accommodations for a well-deserved trip once it’s safe to travel.


Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Wakes From COVID-19 Induced Coma

Much of the world has followed Cordero’s journey after he was hospitalized for more than a month with coronavirus. He had to be placed in a medically-induced coma and have a leg amputated, but his wife Amanda Kloots announced on Instagram Tuesday that Cordero has woken up. Kloots held her 10-month-old son Elvis while confirming that although it will be a long road back to recovery, her husband “[is] a true superhero.”

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