Question: Is Justin Bieber’s Style Icon Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Romeo + Juliet’?


There are some things you can’t unsee, my friends, and once digital director Leah Chernikoff pointed out that Justin Bieber is essentially doing his best Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet impression these days, I was shook.


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There’s no mistaking that Bieber is emulating that bad-boy aura, the long dirty blonde hair that might need a shampooing but who cares it’s so luscious, boyish charm that Leo perfectly portrayed as Romeo in the 1996 classic. But what really gives it away is the colorful Hawaiian shirt Bieber wore on a recent night out with Hailey Baldwin (Claire Danes? Juliet?) that is eerily similar to the iconic blue Hawaiian DiCaprio wore in the film.

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20th Century Fox

Bieber’s style has been an interesting talking point this summer ’18. He’s rocked hotel slippers and slides, was a proud outfit repeater, and even served us waaay beyond casual with his pants fly down. But with this discovery, we may have finally decoded a small part of the Bieber style enigma.


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