Shay Mitchell Broke Her Front Tooth Eating Bagel Sandwiches



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The next time you order a bagel sandwich, eat with caution. Shay Mitchell, of Pretty Little Liars and You fame, posted on her Instagram Story today that she broke her front tooth from having two. The news raises questions: Was it overly toasted? Cream cheese or bacon, egg and cheese? Is just one bagel sandwich safe? Mitchell was in the dentist chair getting her tooth repaired when she shared the news and wasn’t able to provide much more detail.



“This is what happens when you eat a bagel sandwich,” she said. “A tooth comes out. This is what I get for eating two bagel sandwiches. Dammit.”

Mitchell ended her night watching Beyonce’s Netflix documentary Homecoming though, so at least her day ended well.

Mitchell went to Coachella last weekend with her friends Cait Bailey and hairstylist Jesus Guerrero. She shared multiple photos of herself from the festival:

Work-wise, Mitchell was announced last week to be joining the cast of Hulu’s upcoming comedy Dollface, which Margot Robbie is producing. She’ll star alongside Kat Dennings and Brenda Song as Stella Cole, Madison’s (Song) best friend from college. Cole is “free spirit, and charming hedonist,” Deadline reports. Mitchell shared a screenshot of the article on her Instagram, writing, “Dollface is no longer just the name I call my dog when she’s being cute….I’m beyond excited to be a part of this cast and show ❤️”


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