Tag Yourself in These Ridiculously Adorable Barack and Michelle Obama Photo Booth Pictures


President Obama heard about the week you had and is here to make it better. In honor of former first lady Michelle Obama’s birthday, her husband shared the most adorable series of photo booth photos and it, truly, is a gift to all of us.

“In every scene, you are my star,” he tweeted accompanied by the four successively goofy black and white shots of the couple kissing and mugging for a camera. I have, without hyperbole, already booked an appointment to get these tattooed on me. I thought I had seen every iteration of the cute couple photo booth theme but I didn’t know that one iteration could be presidential. This changes everything.

We in the Fake News business often exclaim about photos “Put it in the Louvre!” but literally put this in the Louvre. And on a tote bag. And in my heart.

Pictured below: this photo on its way to bring dopamine to my brain.

Senate Begins Pre-Trial Impeachment Proceedings

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

This has enormous “Mom and Dad went to a retirement party with an open bar and a photo booth and had a great time and are texting you about it at 11:45 p.m. and—oops—they just called you and they’re giggling at each other in the back of a cab” energy.

It’s hard to figure out which O-booth-ma photo I most identify with. Let’s take them one-by-one.

The Cuddle



This is my favorite. This is your run-of-the-mill “We’re having a good time at this wedding reception” pose, although I am fully obsessed with Michelle’s arm wrapped completely around Barack’s head and her slight lean into the camera. And Barack’s satisfied grin? “Bon jour? Louvre? Delivery arriving today from America!”

The Kiss



Obsessed! This is my favorite. The kiss on the cheek? My goodness!

Tired: saying “chef’s kiss.”
Wired: saying “Obama cheek kiss.” It’s more syllable but it’s worth it!

They just look so happy in this photo and I look so happy in the reflection of my screen looking at this photo and we’re so happy together, the three of us, in this photo.

Let’s Do a Silly One



Oh my goodness! Not the sideway peace sign, Barack! Not Michelle with the semi-tough mug! This is too much. And it’s my favorite! The best genre of photo booth pictures is “People were told to be silly and are making a good faith effort but are clearly overthinking it a bit internally.”

Boom Chicka Bow Wow



THIS IS MY FAVORITE! The former president just completely straddling the former first lady, face not even visible. Michelle’s laughing expression. The visible remote. There has never been a better photo taken. Mars Rover who?

I’m just so happy for the Obamas, today and always, and I’m so happy for me, looking at these photos and then going into a photo booth to take a series of photos with these photos to preserve the moment.


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