The Best Love Songs of 2020 Will Put You Deep in Your Feelings


The first quarter of 2020 was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, but music was a silver lining during this period of emotional distress. As we danced our sorrows away with TikTok challenges (“Savage” and “Tootsie Slide,” I’m looking at you), some of our favorite artists released sweet love songs that had us deep in our feelings. From self-love anthems to island-inspired bops, here are the best love songs of 2020—so far.


“Man” by JoJo

“Man” is less about the titular subject and more about loving yourself so much, it’ll take a really good man to prove himself worthy.

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“Bussit” by Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox’s newest song makes you want to pop up at your significant other’s house in a fur coat and lingerie and, well, refer to the song’s title.

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“Levitating” by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa captures the first rush of butterflies you feel when you start falling, or rather, levitating for someone. You’re so high you don’t want to come down.

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“World We Created” by Giveon

Giveon’s debut EP Take Time is a masterpiece but “World We Created” is the song I can’t stop singing. It takes us into Giveon’s dream of waking up next to the one he loves, who he promises to never “switch up like the seasons.”

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“Toxic” by Kehlani

Self-isolation can make you feel really lonely. “Should I text my ex?” you’ve asked yourself fifty-‘leven times. You really shouldn’t—but Kehlani understands if you do. “Toxic” finds her reflecting on a past relationship she knows is no good for her romantically—but sexually? It just works.

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“That’s What Love Is” by Justin Bieber

JB is in loooooove and can’t stop singing about it—and I’m not mad. Sappy love songs JB >>>> “Yummy” JB. Debate yourself.

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“Bigger Love” by John Legend

We don’t look to John Legend for songs to dance to—we listen for the music that reminds us of falling in love. On “Bigger Love,” Legend gives us both.

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“Dangerous City” by DVSN ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Buju Banton

DVSN is tapping into unchartered waters with their new album A Muse In Her Feelings. The elusive duo usually stays away from features, but on this album, “Dangerous City” connects DVSN singer Daniel Daley’s dulcet falsetto, Ty Dolla $ign’s husky voice, and Buju Banton’s raspy island twang over Nineteen85’s breezy melody.

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“Forever” by Charli XCX

“Forever” is a stark reminder that we’re living in uncertain times, and no one can predict what tomorrow holds. It’s not that Charli XCX foresees a breakup, but she realizes how much she’s in love in her current relationship. Even if their “forever” gets cut short, she’ll always love him.

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“Honeymoon Fades” by Sabrina Carpenter

What happens when the butterflies from the honeymoon phase end? Sabrina Carpenter doesn’t want to find out. “Honeymoon Fades” is a letter to her lover, with Carpenter expressing that even though the relationship was unexpected, she hopes it never loses its spark.

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