The Best Twitter Reactions to the Asian-American Cultural Details in Always Be My Maybe


Over the weekend, plenty of people binged Always Be My Maybe, the Netflix rom-com starring Ali Wong and Randall Park. (Wong and Park co-wrote the movie, too, with Michael Golamco.) The film, which premiered on Netflix and in selected theaters on May 31, is all about a hotshot celebrity chef, Sasha (Wong) and her childhood BFF Marcus (Park), who reunite as adults after a teenaged hookup caused a fight and a subsequent friendship break-up.

People loved it. Like, really, really loved it:

While it’s the kind of romantic comedy that anyone would be glad to watch on a cozy night or hungover morning, Asian-American audiences have been particularly looking forward to it. With two Asian-American leads, it’s a rarity in the genre—apart from Crazy Rich Asians, there really haven’t been many Western rom-coms like it.

But it’s not just the casting that makes it feel special to Asian-American audiences. Always Be My Maybe contains several tiny little details that some viewers might not even notice, but that make the film feel rich and culturally specific. While they were watching the movie over the weekend, many viewers tweeted their observations of everything from the casting to the food shots. (I personally loved watching Sasha break her disposable chopsticks and rub them against each other and hearing “Young Americans” play over photobooth images of a young Sasha and Marcus.)

Here are some of the most interesting details you might have noticed about Always Be My Maybe, picked up by viewers and shared on Twitter:

Vietnamese-American romantic leads are so rare:

So is seeing a city’s vibrant Asian population:

My parents have totally pulled this move:

It’s about time we saw different types of Asian parents in the movies:

Even small plot details have a larger meaning:

It’s no coincidence that Marcus is a musician:

And did you catch the easter egg in his band’s name?

Nothing but respect for MY kind of after-school snack:

Food more generally is important, too:

Watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix now.



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