The Best Twitter Reactions to The Perfection‘s Extremely Gross Vomiting Scene


Warning: Contains mild spoilers.

If you spent the long Memorial Day weekend indulging in all things horror, chances are you stumbled onto Netflix’s gut-churning film, The Perfection. For those who have yet to watch, The Perfection tells the tale of Charlotte, an elite cellist (played by Get Out‘s Allison Williams), who travels to Shanghai for a music competition and meets her music teacher (Steve Webber) as well as Lizzie, a prodigy in the making (Logan Browning of Dear White People). Charlotte and Lizzie quickly develop a friendship and decide to take a trip to the countryside. Sounds relatively harmless, in theory! Right?

Since its May 24 air date, though, people who managed to sit through all 90 minutes of the film have reported actual feelings of nausea after watching a particularly gory scene from the movie. While on their trip, the two girls both get violently sick, with Lizzie projecting maggot-filled vomit onto the bus’s windshield and Charlotte having explosive diarrhea on board. And since one time clearly wasn’t enough, Lizzie vomits bile and maggots a second time after they get kicked off the bus. (Ew.)

If you think this sounds exceedingly gross, you’re not alone—viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their disgust at the horrifying scene, with many saying that the excess of bodily excretions made them feel physically unwell.

Williams, who now has two horror movies under her belt, says that she feels drawn to perfect women in horror that possess a deeper, darker psyche. “The scripts I’ve read recently that have felt the most vital and relevant to today were in the horror genre,” she told The New York Post ahead of the film’s release.

The Perfection is now streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer, below, if you dare.



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