‘The Voice’ Finale Sparked Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Latest Twitter Fight


It all started with the season finale of The Voice. Shortly after the show aired, Chrissy Teigen informed the public that all four celebrity judges were headed to her home for an after party. Unfortunately, her husband John Legend informed her at the last minute.

“I didn’t know tonight was the voice finale,” Teigen began in a series of tweets. “John invited everyone to dinner at the house after and I’m really fucking mad because I didn’t make a fucking FINALE meal. I would have gotten a cake or something too?? Who the fuck does this? U don’t win the voice then eat short ribs.”

About two minutes later she added, “It sounds dumb yes but this is VERY john. I am always in charge of doing the fun, extra shit and he has no idea how much I plan normally and he’s like “no it’s fine they just wanna have dinner” but it’s literally the finale of their show??? And I have no ice cream truck.”

“if u think this is stupid go ahead and tell me what you made when Blake Kelly and Gwen came over to your house,” she continued, before sharing text messages between herself and Legend.

Soon, users began accusing Teigen of spoiling the reality show’s winner. She replied, “no if they’re all coming that means the winner is coming. I hope it’s john ONLY because I have no cake and anyone else would deserve cake. I hate him.”

Finally, Legend chimed in, replying, “I’m working on a solution. I’m sorry for stressing you out!” Teigen threw back, “thanks for working on it at 8pm but like everything in your life, it’s been handled,” adding, “By the way his solution was “‘let’s order ice cream.'”

In the end, Milk Bar came through (when does it not?) with food for the surprise occasion, which Teigen hilariously documented. And it seems that all of the Voice coaches showed up and enjoyed the evening. That is, everyone but John Legend.


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