‘Today’ Stars Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Apologize to Matthew McConaughey for “Embarrassing” Comments


Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb had a major “oops!” moment during a Today show commercial break this week.

The NBC co-stars unintentionally made things awkward on Tuesday after they were caught gushing about actor Matthew McConaughey while briefly off the air. The Oscar-winning actor appeared on Today to talk about his new public service announcement about the importance of wearing face masks.

But before Matthew started discussing his PSA, apparently Hoda and Savannah made some comments about the actor during a commercial break, not knowing that Dallas Buyers Club star could hear them. As you can imagine, it made the return from the commercial break cringe-y (though, Craig Melvin and Al Roker got a good kick out of it).

“Savannah and I were having a little conversation during the commercial break, and Matthew was listening, so we’d like to apologize,” Hoda said while laughing. Savannah then added, “Yeah, it was embarrassing. Matthew, sorry you had to hear us talking about you that way, but it’s all good.”

Meanwhile, Matthew just smiled and assured the Today co-hosts that he didn’t mind.

Adding fuel to the fire though, Craig began cracking up and joked that the exchange was “a little awkward.” Al piled on, saying that he wished folks at home “could hear their embarrassment” because Savannah and Hoda “were so busted!”

Eventually, Savannah fessed up and revealed what actually had happened.

Savannah said it all started when she asked Hoda about possibly joining in on the segment during the commercial break. “I’m going to bring you in to say hi to Matthew. And [Hoda] said, ‘Alright, but if something’s going on with you two, and it’s great, you don’t need to bring me in.’ And I said, ‘Well yeah, if there’s some magic happening, then I won’t.’ And then she turned to me and said something else.”

“I said something about if you all are virtually making out, I was kidding,” Hoda confessed. “I was kidding, I was kidding, because who doesn’t want that.”

Matt reassured the two that it was okay, and said it was a “great way to start out the day” and that their comments were “flattering.”

Savannah hilariously then tried to deflect the blame: “Sorry about Hoda, she’s really embarrassing.”


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