Twitter Can’t Stop Hate-Watching Netflix’s New Rom-Com ‘Falling Inn Love’


If you fell down the Netflix rabbit hole this Labor Day weekend, then you probably watched the streaming service’s newest, most bonkers rom-com called Falling Inn Love.

This movie—and I cannot stress this enough—is a cinematic feat: It contains every rom-com trope you can possibly think of. Career-driven city girl Gabriela Diaz loses her job at a big-time San Francisco design firm. After dumping her self-absorbed boyfriend Dean, she wins an inn (??????) in an online contest (???????) and relocates to New Zealand. Gabriela stumbles her way through the countryside until she runs into Hot Guy™ Jake Taylor, a rugged contractor. They’re immediately sworn enemies, but clearly into each other.

It turns out Gabriela’s dream inn is actually a dilapidated shell of its former self and needs some major but costly renovations. The two team-up to fix and flip Gabriela’s run down inn, and after some sexual tension and a brief reveal of Jake’s devastating back story, they fall deeply in love.

Gabriela is played by Christina Milian (!!!) who I can confirm is still That Bitch™, while her love interest Jake is played by Australian actor Adam Demos. Now, usually when there’s a guy with an accent in a movie, I immediately question his hotness. Is he actually hot, or does he just have an accent? Reader, I can confirm: Demos is hot.

In between Gabriela and Jake’s burgeoning love story, there’s a charming cast of secondary characters, a pesky goat named Gilbert, a meddling rival inn keeper, and a house fire. It’s a lot to unload and of course, Twitter had THOUGHTS.

Ahead, the best Twitter reactions to Falling Inn Love.


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