What Are The Mooch and Gina Gershon Doing In a New Trump Musical?


Okay, we have to talk about the collected works of Gina Gershon: Icon. Perhaps you remember her scintillating performance as ex-con Corky opposite Jennifer Tilly in the Wachowski siblings’ Bound. Perhaps you loved her as Valerie on Rescue Me. Perhaps you were confused about her participation in the movie 9/11 starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg as people stuck in an elevator on September 11th. Perhaps you have been thinking for years about the time she, as Cristal Connors, extolled the virtues of eating dog food in Showgirls.

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Perhaps, if you’re me, you’re still reeling from the time she sat next to fellow icons Vanessa Williams, Patricia Clarkson and Leslie Jones at a Christian Siriano show while Leslie let the whole place out with screams of joy.


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Gina Gershon has had quite a career, which is why I can only assume that she recently made a deal with a sea witch that went sour, resulting in her playing Melania Trump in a new musical being promoted by known Broadway-head Anthony Scaramucci.

'The 1st Annual Trump Family Special' Off-Broadway Press Conference

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The Mooch is somehow back, he’s heading to an off-Broadway theater, and you and you and you, you’re gonna love him. Or at least tolerate his presence for a Scaramooch or two. The notoriously short-termed former White House Communications Director is promoting the new cabaret-themed show that features singing performers lampooning Trump’s children, wife, and ex-wives and literally no one knows why this is happening.

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Last week, the Mooch held a press conference (a novelty for him) in which he was introduced by a Donald Trump impersonator and then entered to very tepid applause. Performers dressed as Ivana, Tiffany (or maybe Marla Maples), Ivanka, and (I guess) Eric and Donald J. Trump, Jr. then emerged and sang a song that began “The Trump Family special is a win, win win/ A bigly TV special with The Donald’s next of kin.”

Lin-Manuel is shaking.

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The good news is that some New York area performers have jobs through December. Congrats on paying your rent, y’all! The bad news is we are still not free of Anthony Scaramucci, which, in and of itself, is probably the most surprising thing to come out of the Trump administration. His tenure in the White House was shorter than a commercial break and yet he keeps popping up. Anthony Scaramucci is the glitter of politics.

The show is called The 1st Annual Trump Family Special, apparently in order to call to mind the variety shows of the 1970s. But, frankly, if the team behind the show are going to do this, they might as well aim even higher and give it a name that calls to mind some of the best of Broadway. Some humble suggestions:

  • The Lying King
  • The Book of Moron
  • Dear Vladimir Putin
  • Once on This Impeachment
  • The Brand’s Visit
  • Scamilton
  • Wicked

    The 1st Annual Trump Family Special begins performances next month unless someone can figure out how to rescue Gina Gershon between now and then.

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