Who Has Died So Far in Game of Thrones Season 8?


It’s the final season of Game of Thrones. Given that fans have watched the deaths of many a main character, from Ned Stark to Ygritte, Khal Drogo, and Jon Snow (yes, remember he died?), nobody thinks the show’s endgame will come to pass without at least a little bit more devastating bloodshed.

Why? Well, for one, we know there’s a huge battle coming up. With Daenerys and Jon arriving at Winterfell and gearing up for combat with the terrifying Night King and his army, it’s extremely unlikely all our favorites will get through that ordeal alive. (The director of the battle episode, Miguel Sapochnik, thinks it might be the longest battle sequence in cinematic history.) Then there’s Arya and her kill list. Also, Cersei isn’t going to rest on her laurels while there are other contenders for the throne. Are you kidding?

It’s going to be tough to keep up with all the fallen characters this season. Here’s every named character who has died in Game of Thrones eighth season so far.

Lord Ned Umber


Lord Ned Umber (Harry Grasby)


Poor little guy. We first met him last season, after his father died and he became the lord in his place. In season 8, he pops up again in the meeting of all the houses at Winterfell, where he asks Sansa for more horses. She agrees to send what she can spare, and urges him to return to his home at Last Hearth. When his people don’t show up for the count later on, she’s worried—and she’s right to be.

Later, Tormund and Beric’s crew come across a whole slew of dead men at Last Hearth, as well as Lord Umber’s corpse, pinned to the center of a spiral pattern we know all too well by now. Beric says it’s a message sent by the Night King…but what that message means will have to wait, because Lord Umber suddenly turns into a wight. We can argue all you want about whether wights are actually “dead,” but the fighters light him up with Beric’s incredible fire sword, so he’s definitely done with. Sorry, li’l Ned! Better luck next time.

It’s actually even worse news for everyone at Winterfell, because this means that the Night King’s army is well on its way there.


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