13 Cozy Gifts, As Recommended by ELLE’s Cozy Editors


Being confined inside has us all thinking of how to make the most of this inconvenient situation. Whether you are finding ways to redecorate your space, learning new recipes, or just trying to keep peace of mind (especially during Mental Health Awareness Month), the one thing that we all want is to be comfortable and cozy. Being cozy can be a state of mind as well as a feeling, but there are things that can help you along. From Pillow Pets to luxury detergent, shop thirteen cozy items that make quarantine bearable, as recommended by ELLE editors. Gift it to yourself or surprise a loved one with their picks, ahead.

Chocolate Moose Stuffed Pillow

Pillow Pets


“I guess it’s time to admit this to The Entire Internet: When the stay-at-home order first went into place, I pulled down my Pillow Pet from a very high shelf in my closet. At the time, I was apart from my partner and figured a little bit of plushy comfort couldn’t hurt. Since then, my Pet has transitioned into a great back support pillow on the days I can’t be bothered to leave my bed. And really, as childish as it may seem, it’s been providing a bit of whimsy and un-ironic joy during a time that can be sorely lacking in both.”– Madison Feller, Digital Staff Writer

Coquette Slipper



“I have been living in my Ugg Coquette slippers! They are the coziest I’ve ever owned. And bonus, they also have rubber soles, so I may never have to go back to real shoes!”– Jade Vallario, Accessories Editor

Michelangelo’s David Socks

Hot Sox


“I can’t go to art museums right now, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop appreciating masterpieces! I’m obsessed with these Hot Sox that feature famous paintings and sculptures—from Vermeer to Van Gogh.”– Rosie Minutaglio, Staff Writer

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Urban Outfitters


“Though I’ve been lucky enough to be in quarantine with family, I’ve really been missing quality time with friends! My bestie and I played this card game over Zoom one night, and let’s just say we laughed and cried, even though we’re on opposite coasts. I’m setting up Zoom dates to play with all my other friends ASAP, and will be forcing my family to sit down together too! The questions open up a beautiful space to pause & connect whether near or far, with friends, family, partners, and even just yourself.”– Rosie Jarman, Fashion Assistant

Carnation Porcelain Jug

Moda Domus


“Weekly flowers have always been a must for me, but now I find the arranging process almost meditative. Luckily for me, my incredibly talented friend Lisa Composto of @composto.fiori in Houston is only a FaceTime away to offer tips, tutorials, and endless expertise. With the warmer weather I’m finding myself drawn to more colorful compositions and this Faenza pitcher is sure to cheer up any space, no flight to Italy required.”– Naomi Rougeau, Senior Fashion News Editor 




“This is perfect for a someone looking to change up their usual, bed to couch routine. This chair is the ‘grown-up’ version of the bean bag, with extra comfortable back support!” – Caitlin Mullen, Fashion Credits Editor 

One-Touch Multi-Cooker

Instant Pot


“I don’t really cook (but my bf does) so I couldn’t be happier that I nudged him to buy an Instant Pot during last year’s Black Friday. I tell people that you won’t really get what it’s for until you start using it—then you’ll want to use it every day. We’ve made Korean short ribs, carnitas tacos, white bean soup and so much more all in no time at all. Cooking and sitting down for a meal together every night has been such an unexpected source of joy!”– Katherine Krueger, Digital Features Editor

Luba Belted Terry Robe

Dodo Bar Or


“A fluffy robe has been key to keeping my spirits up during quarantine. It’s like wearing blanket that won’t slip off and it’s easy to take on and off in between zoom meetings. This printed one from Dodo Bar Or reminds me of a sunny, poolside vacation even if I can only currently sip cocktails from my couch.”– Stephanie Sanchez, Accessories Editor 

Pro Blender



“I don’t like to eat breakfast; I like to drink it. Every morning, on my way to work, I’d spend $9.20 on my favorite cold brew smoothie from a spot near my office. Of course, I haven’t been able to frequent said shop, but found the next best thing—and for a fraction of the cost. My Nutribullet has gotten plenty of use over the past eight-plus weeks, and makes morning smoothie time quick, fast, and easy. I’m in control of what goes into my brew, and spend that same $9.20 on ingredients that’ll yield a week’s worth of a.m. delights.”– Angel Lenise Pyles, Supervising Video Producer   

Eyes Lollipop Scented Candle

Anya Hindmarch


“I actually have been wanting this Anya Hindmarch candle— the scent sounds like it’s delicious. After it’s burnt it would be a super cute piece to store spare change, cotton rounds, pencils or matches.”– Kevin LeBlanc, Fashion Assistant

Le Labo Santal Signature Detergent

The Laundress


“The act of doing laundry isn’t cozy. But Santal 33-scented laundry detergent is the most luxurious, coziest thing ever—and will inspire you to start a load, like, right now. It’s especially nice to use on your sheets because the scent is just subtle enough to fill your entire room but somehow also lasts for days. I’ve recently realized it’s also life-changing for washing your face masks, because you want something that close to your face smelling amazing. “– Margaux Anbouba, Associate Beauty Editor

Monthly Yoga Subscription

Find What Feels Good


“The weekend after the lockdown began, my little sister in Colorado and I started an evening ritual of doing yoga together and then connecting via FaceTime after each practice. We have been going strong every night since mid-March! We’re using Adriene Mishler’s Find What Feels Good at home yoga membership, and have found something new and challenging for each practice. The membership is $9.99 per month, and includes everything from vinyasa flows to meditations and programs that meet you where you are, whether you have been practicing for years and months. Practicing every night has helped me feel grounded, connected to my sister, and safely taking care of my body and mind at home. Which in this uncertain time, is all I can ask for.”– Katelyn Baker, Deputy Art Director

Tencel Weighted Blanket



“There’s nothing that makes me feel cozier than being tucked under a good blanket. Whether I’m on the computer, reading a book, or catching up on the latest adds to Netflix and Hulu, I’m under a blanket at all times. This weighted one by Bearby is just what I need to help me feel safe, secure and ease my mind. I love the fact that this chunky, hand-knitted blanket is also made sustainably and is silky soft. In times like these I miss the loss of my puppy every day, so a cozy blanket like this one is like getting a hug from her.”– Kia Goosby, Fashion Editor, Hearst Fashion Group

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