5 Apps That Will Make Shopping Way Easier


If your phone has basically become another appendage, you know the beauty of shopping from apps. After all, there’s nothing better than the endless scroll and easy-to-use experience many of them can offer. Now that spring has finally sprung and summer is on the horizon, we’re guessing you’re in need of a wardrobe update. Use these five apps to get started no matter what kind of shopper you may be.

The App That’ll Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Wish

With over 200 million items available to explore, there’s next to nothing that you can’t find at a ridiculously low price on Wish. If you’re looking for $10 rompers, $5 maxi dresses or $1 anklets, this is the place to go. Download for music festival outfits, beach wear, or a complete spring wardrobe overhaul at the very best price.

Free, Android and iOS

The App for the Best Designer Flash Sales: Zulily

If you’re an “every day is a new day” type of person, this shopping app is definitely for you. Zulily transforms its store daily thanks to new incoming inventory that keeps the shopping experience feeling fresh every time you refresh. Download for discounted name brand summer bags, floral dresses, and loads of denim.

Free, Android and iOS

The App for the Responsible Shopper: ThredUp

This shopping app is chock full of resale flowy dresses, summer tees, activewear and summer-ready shoes. Just create your size profile, and you’ll be served up items sure to fit so you can be in and out in no time. Narrow down by your favorite brands from lululemon to Saint Laurent for an even speedier check out.

Free, Android and iOS

The App for the Neophile: Wanna Kicks

If you’re on the hunt for the hottest summer sneakers and want to try them on without leaving home, check out Wanna Kicks. This app uses augmented reality to let you see how each pair of shoes will look on you before you make a purchase.

Free, iOS

The App for the Local Buyer: OfferUp

Go with OfferUp if you’re in need of a last-minute fashion fix. As the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers, this platform has tons of great fashion finds to discover. Look for sunglasses, totes and tees that are available to pick up near you.
Free, Android and iOS


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