An Honest Review of RHONY Sonja Morgan’s Clothing Line


Here are all the things I know for sure about Sonja Morgan: She loves smoky eyes, updos, and Gstaad. She’s partied with John John and Madonna. And she makes a mean knitwear set.

It may be impossible to crown a single best-dressed Bravo housewife, but a personal favorite? Easy. There’s something timeless about the classic looks Sonja from The Real Housewives of New York City favors, and her approach is one I try to copy: Wear things that are elegant and simple enough to have belonged to any matter of decades.

“I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me”- Sonja Morgan, seasons 3 and 4


Sonja, Duchess of New York City

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Ever since Sonja invited the ladies to her debut Sonja by Sonja Morgan runway show—it was on season seven and Luann wrote, “We all loved it. It was a reflection of her taste and jet-set experiences”—I’ve been here for the journey. In its current iteration, there’s effectively main and diffusion lines; Sonja Morgan New York is based off pieces in her personal wardrobe (and a “heritage brand” meant to be passed down through generations), while Sonja by Sonja Morgan is “curated” by her.

To indulge the curiosity I’ve been experiencing since 2015, I decided to take a few pieces of the more affordable Sonja by Sonja line for a spin around the office. Here, my key takeaways.


Tyler Joe

Her faux leather is really good.

If I was to describe Sonja’s style in three words, one of them would be “rich.” It’s about the fabric, the cuts, and the super luxe accessories in her actual wardrobe (intel based solely on obsessive Bravo watching). When recreating her closet vibe for Sonja by Sonja, it makes sense to use supple leather to carry over that moneyed feeling.

Vegan leather is wallet- and animal-friendly, but there’s an entire spectrum of the stuff. For every amazing pair that fakes you out, there’s another that’s smelly or squeaky or just…wrong. The Sonja pieces I tried were definitely in the good camp: Nothing betrayed that they were faux.



Tyler Joe

There’s some amazing loungewear.

In the time it took to take this photo, at least three coworkers asked what I was wearing and where it was from. Luckily, I work in the sort of creative-casual environment where what’s essentially a luxe PJ set is permissible, but beyond the 9-to-5 I can see this two-piece becoming my de facto travel uniform.

It’s crazy comfortable, but the camel color and cashmere blend make it feel lightyears more pulled together than sweatpants. Not for nothing, this is totally what I imagine Sonja wearing when traveling by private plane.



Tyler Joe

I could see certain pieces living in her own closet.

As a professional RHONY watcher, I feel comfortable issuing the proclamation that Sonja’s signature style is based around classic shapes. It’s why the bones of this blouse (a crewneck and cuffed waist and sleeves) come straight from a standard sweatshirt, yet voluminous lace puffs make it Fancy.

Pairing it with jeans and ballet flats was an easy-but-elevated outfit for the office, but also felt very Sonja. It’s a prime example of her dressing MO: Pick pieces that would look at home in the past, present, or future. Would you believe me if I told you this pic came from 2003? 2023? SEE?


The verdict?

It definitely feels Sonja, not like she passed off the project to an outside team, and the standout pieces are the more streamlined ones. If you work in a more buttoned-up environment, it might not be right for the office, but it’s ideal for weekend or travel (because, honestly, if you’re going to trust a housewife about jetting around, there’s no one better than Sonja).


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