Are You Ready for the Designer Flip Flop Trend?


Leather flip flops

Gianvito Rossi


If you were worried about the return of the ’90s strappy sandal, you might want to avert your eyes because lip flops are officially back. But the modern iteration of the controversial footwear is a lot fancier than we remember. These aren’t the high school Havaianas first reported on after Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2018. No, high fashion brands are raising the stakes…and their price tags.

The thonged sandals popping up on our feed today are elevated with a minimalist touch. Gianvito Rossi’s leather flats perfectly capture the beach-to-office vibe we’re chasing this summer. Sure, they cost about $600, but these could easily be worn with slouchy slacks and make you feel like an Olsen twin. Similarly chic, Reformation’s recently launched sandal collection features a stiletto heel that makes a case for flip flops at a wedding. Yes, you read that right. Flip flops at a wedding are totally ok.

High heeled flip flops are here with some celebrity representation, too: Kim Kardashian West recently championed the trend, wearing a pair with Christian Dior’s newspaper print (once worn by Carrie Bradshaw). If the mule flat was our go-to shoe in 2018, the fancy flip flop is our new favorite. Prep that space between your big toe and second toe, immediately.


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