I Own 19 Pairs of Leggings and These Are the Best Ones


Girlfriend Collective Classic-Rise Compressive Leggings



Remember when people were still like, “Leggings aren’t pants”? Hahaha. I don’t, because I’ve scrubbed that whole era from my memory. Leggings are perfect. They are like the potatoes of clothing—stay with me—versatile, solid, delightful. Whether I am sleeping, working, hanging out, or “powerlifting in the gym” (I am definitely not doing that, but I’ve heard that some people do it and I admire that), leggings can accompany me on any adventure.

As a true believer, I’ve been through several stages of leggings love. From the classic nylon tricot and cotton jersey American Apparel leggings I stocked up on a decade ago to more recent acquisitions like these winning Spanx faux moto or velvet guys and a flashy-as-hell Ultracor indulgence, there isn’t a pair I haven’t loved. Every pair has its place. And that means I’ve amassed a rather large collection of these stretchy pants. Yesterday, I took three coats off my desk chair, and there was a pair of still-with-tags black leggings hanging off the seat back. What can I say? I love lycra!

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But if there’s any One True Pair that makes me an utter evangelist, it’s Girlfriend Collective’s. The brand quickly rose to fame when it promised a free pair of leggings to anyone who subscribed to their mailing list; it was a gutsy ploy to earn consumer trust in a relatively high-priced item. (The range now also includes tops and bras.)

Being a lover of free things, I immediately subscribed, and it was one of the smarter things I’ve done in my shopping life. Here’s why they’re amazing:

Made of recycled water bottles, Girlfriend Collective’s leggings are challenging to pull on, but snap into place

Hugging everything in and they make you feel as sleek as a seal.

I’ve washed mine countless times and they’ve never lost that bounce-back.

They don’t pill, and while it seems like they’re stiff, you forget about them completely once they’re on.

And, I’m sorry, but they look amazing.

The cut and seams are simple and organic, and the color range is supremely chic.

Compressive Classic-Rise



At $68 a pair, they’re an investment—albeit a good one, considering the pair I got a couple of years ago have never let me down. But right now, there’s a buy-one-get-one-free deal on the classic-rise style for Cyber Week (which I didn’t know was a thing, but I’m all for it). That shakes out to $34 a pair while stocks last, which is a very reasonable price for love. Sizes are already selling out, so be quick. And you’re welcome.


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