I Sleep in the Nude But Bought These PJs Anyway


Full disclaimer: I do not wear clothes while I sleep. Nothing feels better than a shower, a shave, and sliding under clean sheets like a GD dolphin (you know the feeling…or maybe not). That being said, I do like the idea of cute pajamas. They are wholesome, perfect for cheery Christmas mornings, and match so you don’t have to do any thinking while, you know, you’re not thinking and actually sleeping.

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So imagine my delight when nightwear-as-daywear became the norm, both on and off the runway.

Pajamas, but make it reflective.

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I could finally partake in the illusive social construct that is pajama-wearing. And I found a set from J.Crew that will carry me through out summer.


Short Sleeve Pajama Top, $24


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Pajama Short, $24


Between the Hawaiian print and its breathable cotton fabrication, it’s the only way I could think of breaking up my rotation of 27 summer sundresses. On sale for under $50, so buy them now before they sell out.


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