Style File: For Influencer Brittany Xavier, Comfort is the Rule


In’s Style Files we ask our most stylish friends how they got that way.

Up first, Brittany Xavier, the brains behind the eponymous blog (formerly named Thrifts and Threads) and an Instagram account with more than 1 million followers. We caught up with Xavier at Michael Kors’ TWA Jet Set experience, where influencers from around the world gathered at the newly opened TWA Hotel at JFK Airport. “What I love about Michael Kors is they always have really comfortable pieces that I can mix with my own style,” Xavier told The California native highlighted one particular jumpsuit for being great for travel—“high waist, cinched perfectly, so it gives me shape and I can wear it with sneakers.” In between lunch poolside and cocktails at the hotel’s Connie lounge, we photographed Xavier in her Kors gear and learned more about her personal style. Here’s what she had to say…


Tyler Joe

How would you describe your style?

My style is very versatile. I like to be able to take something from day to night and I tend to go for comfort. I wear a ton of trousers and jeans—you’ll rarely see me in a skirt or a dress. And I always have very soft basics—a cotton tee, a cashmere sweater during the winter.

What are some of your favorite basics brands?

Reformation, Everlane, RE/DONE Denim. I wear a lot of their jeans. Frame. I love their long sleeves. I like men’s blazers from Zara—size US 42. They have different colors that you can’t find in a more serious boutique so that’s my go to, especially for a summer blazer.

Blazers seem to be your signature.

I get questions about them the most often, but also my jewelry [is my signature]. People always ask me about my necklaces and bracelets I wear everyday.


Tyler Joe

A good background—like the TWA Flight Terminal—is key for getting a good Instagram shot. Do you plan your outfits according to what the location will be?

No, I rarely dress for the location. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals that go with a lot of backgrounds and different architecture if I’m traveling. It’s not something I think about that much since that’s how I dress anyway. I do know people who plan. They’re like, oh, we’re going here? I’m going to wear this yellow dress because there’s this yellow [background], but I’ve never really done that.

Tell me about the first outfit you remember truly loving.

I had these red cowboy boots when I was five that I was obsessed with and my mom wouldn’t let me wear them to school. I remember always wearing them on the weekends. When I look back at photos, I’m like, those are hideous but I was super into them.

If you had to wear one outfit forever, what would it be?

A white t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, my Iro leather jacket, and my platform boots from R13. They’re really comfortable.

Whose style do you love and why?

I love Gigi Hadid’s style right now. She has a little bit of an edge, but she’s always very pulled together. Because I’m 5’10” I tend to look at people who are tall for style ideas.


Tyler Joe

What’s the most debatable piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

Recently I wore a pair of gauchos and my husband was like, what are those? I high-key made them myself and he was like, “What is that?!” I thought they were cute. I’ll never change an outfit based on his opinion and he knows that.

What trend are you currently loving?

Baggy pants and jeans. I have a 12-year-old daughter and she’s really into it right now, too. There’s this whole like Billie Eilish-influenced thing going on with her school and they’re all loving her style.

Heels or no heels?

Heels. I only wear stilettos, like super high ones on certain occasions. Most of my heels are mid-range or they’re blocked. During the day, when I’m running around with my daughter, I’m in flats, sneakers, or loafers.


Tyler Joe

What’s your getting dressed ritual?

I do my makeup and hair before I get dressed and I always listen to a podcast—pretty much every true crime podcast. People think I would listen to a lot of entrepreneurial or women in business podcasts, and I do here and there, but I use my podcast time as my escape to just not think about work. I’m definitely not someone who plans my outfits very much ahead of time. I’ll think about my calendar and what I’m doing that day and pull out whatever I’m going to be most efficient in.

What’s one piece that’s gotten away?

Those clear Chanel sandals from Spring 2019 that everyone has. I wasn’t sure they would be super comfortable so I tried them on in the boutique, then left to think about them for like an hour. When I came back they were gone and then I couldn’t find them anywhere! I had no idea that they were so hot. I was really bummed about that.

What are some of your most sentimental items?

I still have my first Gucci bag that I ever bought. I’m not sentimental with jeans or basics, it’s more of my designer pieces that I’m really sentimental about. They remind me of milestones in my life.


Tyler Joe

Number one style regret?

Super low cut jeans. They were Frankie B’s. And I would wear a top that was just cropped enough that it showed my hip bones and it was so hideous. I look back at photos and I’m like, that is terrible.


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