The 10 Best Accessories From the 2019 Met Gala


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At this year’s Met Gala, guests embraced the over-the-top camp theme with bold looks and even bigger accessories. But which outfit enhancers came out on top? From a delicate earring to the most extra entourages, here are the best Met Gala accessories ranked.

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Lady Gaga

Gaga stunned the Met Gala crowd with a total of four (4) outfit changes (!!!!!) by Brandon Maxwell. She made her grand entrance with a posse of suited men and umbrellas.


Billy Porter

Leave it to Porter to make the most wonderfully extra Met Gala appearance. He was literally carried into the event by shirtless men in gold pants (which is now the top image on my moodboard).


Cardi B

The rapper wore a dramatic Thom Browne gown that came with it’s own team of professional skirt fluffers. Whomst among us?


Jared Leto

Leto’s bedazzled Gucci gown complemented hi head nicely.


Lupita Nyong’o

I’m a big fan of this one!!!!!


Harry Styles

The Boy with the Pearl Earring ™, Harry’s delicate bauble hit us right in the feels.


Tracee Ellis Ross

This Met Gala look was so nice, Ross had to frame it.


Cara Delevingne’s Rainbow Cane

Quiet please, only Cara has the talking stick right now and she’s got something to say!


Sarah Paulson’s Champagne Bag

Paulson knows the best accessory is a bottle of bubbly.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict did not come to play with this hat and cane combo.

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