The LOFT Trousers I Cannot Stop Getting Compliments About


LOFT Skinny Ankle Pants in Julie Fit



To know me is to understand that the way I shop is about statement buys. I love bags in bold colors, long skirts that sweep the ground, and have a small collection of crowns headbands. So shopping for basics—black pants, white t-shirts, simple sweaters—really brings me down to earth in a way I try to avoid. It literally took the risk of indecent exposure to bring my favorite black pants into my life.

I was running to catch a train when I heard a rip.

Like, a rip rip. The leather pants I’d put on that morning as part of an interview outfit had decided “No more!” As I gingerly inspected the damage, I realized that directly on the seat of my pants—and thankfully covered by my jacket—I had a tear that just wasn’t okay.

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Because I’d miss the train and my interview if I ran home to change, I had to board safe in the knowledge of the truism all super shoppers know: If you ever need something, you can just buy it.

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My “replacement pants” quickly became so much more.

I went directly to LOFT in the city because I knew it would have a basic, easy pair of pants that I wouldn’t pay through the nose for. I needed to quickly make a purchase without worrying over whether I’d really end up loving a pair of $200 pants. As one of its most popular styles, the “Julie” was on display and exactly what I needed (in this case, something that would work with the rest of my outfit).

Now, I get compliments every time I wear them, including repeat, “What pants are—oh, those are the LOFT pants!”

Chalk it up to the stretch in the fabric or the crop that falls right above my ankle bone, but people can’t get enough of these pants. I work in an industry, and an office, that’s populated by sample-sale steals, vintage finds, and saved-up-for classics, so something’s gotta be good to catch attention.

My emergency pants have cemented their spot in my closet thanks to how comfortable they are (like leggings!) and their ability to be worn twice without stretching out (no baggy butts!). I wear them most often with casual blouses or tees, but they’d fit into a more corporate wardrobe easily too. Shoe-wise, they’re easily adaptable: The perfect crop is beautiful with heels, sock booties, or sneakers. Essentially, they’re the jack-of-all-trades pant every woman I’ve ever known has searched for. Let my brush with indecency benefit you.


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