This Is What Justin Bieber’s Clothing Looks Like


Remember those white hotel slippers Justin Bieber was seen bopping across New York City in last August? Turns out he wasn’t just a huge fan of the comfy (yet too-small) slippers, he actually designed a whole line of them and debuted his newest experiment when he launched his own fashion label, Drew, last December. Now, what started off as a hotel slippers-only line has expanded to include hoodies, t-shirts, corduroy shorts and pants because if the Biebs says corduroy is officially cool again, then so be it.

Drew House, inspired by Bieber’s middle name, is a unisex line of loose-fitting everyday wear that walks the line between Bieber’s signature rugged-sporty look and Kanye West’s popular Yeezy leisurewear—just with a massive smiley face across the front. The collection includes oversized hoodies you can wear while running, serenading your loved one (and a random stranger) on the street, or any other Bieber-like activities you may find yourself doing.

Drew House’s “about us” page describes the brand simply as a “place where you can be yourself. Blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. Wear like you don’t care. Come chill. K. Bye.” Seriously.

The collection is priced between $48 and $158 and each product page comes with tips on how to wear each item or funny facts. For example, you can buy “chaz pants, but ya know…shorter” that are comfy enough for “sitting in bean bag chairs and couches” or the matching Chaz Button Down Shirt that’s “the kind of thing you wanna roll out of bed wearing.” In fact, buy multiples and you and your bae can do the whole Scumbro swag thing together!


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