What Is It Like to Be a Blogger During Fashion Week?


Fashion week can seem more like an idea than an actual thing. There’s an official schedule, sure, but so much happens beyond that, with parties, networking, and other off-the-calendar events. If you’ve never been involved, there’s a good chance the whole thing seems shrouded in mystery.

For an insider look at how an average day might unfold, we asked influencer Michelle Ressler (@cremedemichelle) to chat at our ELLE.com fashion week lounge over a glass of rosé from Chloe Wine Collection. Prior to joining the style world as a full-time content creator, Ressler worked in finance and had a pretty limited idea of what “fashion week” entailed.

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On what fashion week is:

“When I worked for an investment bank, fashion week was always a dream of mine. When I moved to New York, I’d hope that one day I’d get invited to anything—anything. Your first fashion week is super overwhelming and filled with adrenaline. You’re in awe. The more you attend, the more exciting it becomes.

It almost feels like a dream, to see what designers I look to every day for inspiration have created. To get the opportunity to wear pieces I never thought I’d wear and to pull some amazing items and style them in ways that represent me [is amazing].”


Ressler at the ELLE.com NYFW lounge

Roman Yee

On avoiding fashion week burn-out:

“Exercise keeps me sane, so I try to do something every morning. I do a range of things: Pilates on the reformer, weightlifting. Barre is a great exercise. Taking time at night to unwind with a nice book or podcast and a glass of wine from Chloe Wine Collection relieves my mind from the hectic nature and stress of fashion week, [where you’re] being photographed and needing to be creative all the time. I love wine—having a nice glass of rosé on my terrace is the best thing in the world.”

You have to find time to breath or you’ll wear yourself out.

On the blogger pack:

“You always find yourself running into other bloggers or influencers you’ve met once or twice and catching up with them. The social aspect of fashion week is definitely nice. There are certain [bloggers] I idolize and if I’ve never been introduced to them before, I’m a bit shy so I might not be inclined to talk to them. If you’ve conversed with them on Instagram it can make it easier—everyone is pretty nice.

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There was a group of New York bloggers, but it’s gotten huge. Everyone seems to be moving here. There are always new faces and girls moving from Europe. We tend to meet each other eventually because you’re always invited to the same events.”

On the working part of fashion week:

“There are a lot of working lunches—it’s networking. It depends on the day and not every one is packed with things. You have to find time to breathe or you’ll wear yourself out. You’re running your own business, you’re self-employed, and you’re working for yourself. Understanding how that works and how to make a business grow is really important.”


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