Ask E. Jean: I Saw My Co-Worker’s Penis and Now We’re Avoiding Each Other

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Dear E. Jean: I’m so embarrassed! I saw my coworker’s penis. We have small, private-room bathrooms where I work, and I opened the door without knocking and walked right in when he was urinating. I screamed, “Sorry!” and ran out. When he reappeared, he was extremely red, and neither one of us brought it up. That was two days ago, and we’ve sorta avoided each other since. The thing is, I always thought he was hot and we’ve had flirtations in the past. Has this incident ruined it?—Should I Bring It Up?

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Up, Honey: Oh, for God’s sake. It’s just a penis. There are 20 trillion of them on the planet. No need to mention it, but recommence the flirting—perhaps greeting him with a “Hi, Dick! I mean…(insert real name).”

This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of ELLE.



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